Blindfolded Microblading

By Sheila Bella

I love a challenge! The aspiration, the grind, the euphoria of achievement... these are all natural endorphins for feeling great. But between those moments of giving it my all, I need some low-key time where I can just let loose and breathe before I get into the mindset to conquer my next goal. I recently spent some quality time outside of the office with my tribe of amazing friends, who also happen to be the talented Artists of Sheila Bella. It is my good fortune to have such strong, funny, and remarkable women in my life. Check out our crazy anecdotes and microblading skills (even when we are blindfolded). Thanks to these ladies, I’m ready to crush my next challenge.


The Importance of Safety and Sanitation

By Sheila Bella

Trust is often defined as consistency over time. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen without effort and open communication. As a brand, Sheila Bella has made a commitment to the safety of our clientele by implementing the highest standards of sanitation during all of our procedures. From the moment we set up our equipment to the reveal of our work, we focus on building that trust daily. In fact, we encourage questions about the process because it’s just that important to us. These details matter to us and we hope that they matter to you too!


Microblading: How It Works

By Sheila Bella

Sometimes it’s the little things that really have the greatest impact. My first daily priority is getting my morning started on the right foot because it puts me in the mindset for GREAT accomplishments! With permanent makeup, I not only save time in my morning makeup routine, but I start my day off without the frustration that stems from trying to create balanced eyebrows. Rather than drawing and re-drawing, I get to wake up with full brows, go to the gym without makeup and even have a few more precious minutes to spend with my family in the morning. Those who are curious about permanent makeup can check out our latest video “Microblading: How it Works” for a step-by-ste...


Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part

By Sheila Bella

Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part

Find out why our students love our academy! Teaching the art of microblading is so rewarding and the feeling of teaching a student how to change their life is priceless. We put so much heart into our academy, we truly want to feel like our students are getting something great out of it!

Going back to school can seem boring, hard, or too time-consuming. Most people who go and get a degree never end up using it! How crazy! Well, luckily there’s a profession that doesn’t require a stressful 4 years of school, with big ol’ debt! Learning the art of microblading is life changing and microbladers all over the world are saying it is ...


Are You Ready To Transform Your Brows (and Your Life)?

By Sheila Bella

If you are a person who struggles with their brows every morning, then this post is for you.

With the hustle-and-bustle of life, it is sometimes hard to prioritize one's self. Sometimes, in doing things for others we tend to put our own needs in the background. However, thanks to permenent makeup, all that can change. I know this from a personal standpoint because I have had permanent makeup done, and I'm very glad I did. My brows and eyeliner still stay on my face on hot summer days, or when I'm working up a sweat at the gym. It is most definitely a game-changer.

Permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular in the world of beauty. Among these procedures, microblading is the standout star...