Elite Artists



Melody is an art enthusiast and mother of two. She enjoys painting, lattes and long walks around Target.


Nicknamed "The Mouse Doctor", she is very detailed and always strives for balance; in life, heels and eyebrows.


With over a 20 year background in entertainment, Jennifer's passion in permanent makeup came naturally having done make-up professionally for stage, TV and film. Having spent many years performing onstage and doing make-up in Broadway musicals, she's had an obsessive interest in eyebrows since spending years having to camouflage her own right brow chicken pox scar, and then having suffered from alopecia herself back in 2009. Since then Jennifer has made it her personal mission to help clients find their natural beauty when customizing eyebrows, and to help boost their self confidence. In addition to her brow art, Jennifer is also a voice over artist (Cartoon Network) and proud Mama to her son Julian with fiancé Anthony. "Having microbladed eyebrows is a total game changer! I wish I'd done it sooner- since being a mom too, it saves me so much time!"


As a So Cal native, Leslie enjoys the vast diversity that Los Angeles has to offer.  From cuisine to culture, museums to day trips, and theater to historic landmarks, Leslie loves to take advantage of new experiences.  As a Permanent Makeup Artist at Sheila Bella, Leslie gets double the satisfaction by not only meeting people from all walks of life, but also in helping each of them feel confident enough to take on their own new experiences.


Jeannette is a Los Angeles native who has a passion for art, music, and family. Being raised in the city, she has adapted to the fast paced lifestyle with a relaxed and friendly attitude. She's a former student from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). With a vivid imagination, she has geared her artistic direction towards Sheila Bella Microblading. Because of her confidence and comfort in her art, high end profiles, such as UFC fighter Michelle Waterson, fitness guru Brittany Renner, have personally trusted her with their face.

When she isn't creating beautiful brows, enhancing lips or perfecting permanent eyeliner you can find her scoping out LA's hidden gems, whether it be a hip new band or the best new spot for sushi.


Stephanie is a former hair and makeup stylist turned body art fanatic. Well versed in brow, lip and eyeliner procedures she is no stranger to being on the receiving end of the needle, boasting several tattoos of her own. Aside from her amazing artistic talent, she is also Sheila Bella's resident authority on all things hockey related.


Alisa is one of Sheila Bella’s elite artists who has several years of experience in the permanent makeup industry. “Being a permanent makeup artist is more than just giving someone a new set of eyebrows. It’s about listening to my clients and their individual stories and brow needs. Everyone is different and I custom and tailor to each individual. In the end it’s all about making my clients feel happy and safe.” She is also a registered nurse and has her bachelor's degree in nursing science. Some of her clients include Playboy playmate Marissa Everhart, Wild N’ Out star Lauren Wood, fitness super star and entrepreneur Ingrid Romero, makeup sensation April Lopes (a.k.a Pipsqueek), world famous dancer Tanja Kensinger (a.k.a. La Alemana) and so many more. She is a lover of fitness, health, traveling and everything outdoors.


Christy (a.k.a: 'CJ') has always had a passion for beauty and art. So, it's no wonder why she feels at home at Sheila Bella. Working in the permanent makeup industry for several years, CJ is always striving to deliver the most fashionable and artistically intricate styles of brows. CJ’s list of high-profile clients include 3x Miss Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser, 4x Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, and even Sheila Bella herself. CJ has also collaborated with Sheila on clients such as fitness model Paige Hathaway.


Julie has been fascinated with makeup transformations ever since she was a little girl playing dress up. She was able to harness her skills for makeup and hair while earning her performing arts degrees in college. Julie holds an Associate’s Degree in Theater from Pierce College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Cal State University of Northridge, and a Master’s Degree in Opera Performance from the Boston Conservatory. Since she graduated, Julie has not only worked as an opera singer, but also gets called to do makeup on sets for commercials, stage productions, and bridal makeup for weddings on the side. When the opportunity arose to venture into the art of permanent makeup, Julie dove in head first to become a certified permanent makeup artist who is also qualified in EliminInk, which can remove tattoos as well. Julie’s main passion is to entertain, teach, and help people; which she now gets to do on a regular basis! Living life beautiful is one thing, but making others feel beautiful is what’s fulfilling!

*Due to the popularity of our natural looking permanent makeup, our technicians are highly sought after and tend to book at least 3 to 4 weeks out on weekends. Please be patient when making an appointment.