Are You Ready To Transform Your Brows (and Your Life)?

By Sheila Bella

If you are a person who struggles with their brows every morning, then this post is for you.

With the hustle-and-bustle of life, it is sometimes hard to prioritize one's self. Sometimes, in doing things for others we tend to put our own needs in the background. However, thanks to permenent makeup, all that can change. I know this from a personal standpoint because I have had permanent makeup done, and I'm very glad I did. My brows and eyeliner still stay on my face on hot summer days, or when I'm working up a sweat at the gym. It is most definitely a game-changer.

Permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular in the world of beauty. Among these procedures, microblading is the standout star. Every day, more-and-more celebrities, atheletes, and everyday people are turning to microblading to help them have brows that they always wanted. It looks so real, you'll forget it isn't actual hair.

If it's not hair, then what exactly is it?

"Microblading" is a process where very fine strokes are implanted into the upper-dermis of your skin, simulating your own natural hair. Anyone who is lacking eyebrow hairs and/or wants to have naturally even and pretty brows would definitely reap from the benefits of this procedure.

We use the higest-quality pigments, and we make sure that our working enviornment is always safe, friendly, and sterile.



Watch our latest transformation, and see the difference for yourself:

Microblading Magic At Sheila Bella!

We love to see the happy expressions on our clients' faces when they see their newly-microbladed brows for the very first time!