Indigo Ball 2018
By Leil Villarta

LGBT Indigo Ball 2018

There was a time when I wasn’t entirely comfortable in my own skin. In the course of growing up, I gained experience from friends of different personalities and cultures, developed the confidence to be own unique self and eventually fell in love with a partner who both challenges and supports me. There were moments when I didn’t know any of this was even possible but the journey through the tough times was worth it. Now that I’m a mother, the world I want to create for my children is one of acceptance and the freedom to express their true selves. It was amazing to be able to honor this vision with an incredible group of LGBT advocates at the 2018 Indig...

What They Don't Tell You About Motherhood
By Sheila Bella

For all of the Moms out there.. sure, they advised you about sleep deprivation, loss of time for yourself, and weight changes. But did they tell you that you'd possibly pee yourself in your sleep, or that labor is HARD (like really, REALLY HARD), and that there will be so much anxiety that fills your heart after bearing a newborn? For every three things they told you about motherhood, there are a million things they didn't. Some things are embarassing and some are just flat out GROSS! Motherhood is beautiful in many ways, of course, but there are just so many things about it that you don't find out until you're really in it! In this video, you'll get to hear the mommies of Sheila Bella talk...