Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part

By Sheila Bella

Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part

Find out why our students love our academy! Teaching the art of microblading is so rewarding and the feeling of teaching a student how to change their life is priceless. We put so much heart into our academy, we truly want to feel like our students are getting something great out of it!

Going back to school can seem boring, hard, or too time-consuming. Most people who go and get a degree never end up using it! How crazy! Well, luckily there’s a profession that doesn’t require a stressful 4 years of school, with big ol’ debt! Learning the art of microblading is life changing and microbladers all over the world are saying it is the best profession to be a part of. Students all over are loving it! Sheila Bella Microblading Academy offers a Fundamentals Workshop, where students will learn everything they need to master the art of microblading. They will learn how to start and run their very own successful microblading business. Here’s a list of some of the many topics covered in the course:

-Hair Stroke Patterns

-Perfect Stretch

-Color Theory

-Working with Different Skin Types

-Client Satisfaction

-Sanitation & Sterilization

And so much more!

Students love it because they come into a place where they automatically feel like they are welcome and will learn whatever it takes to be successful! Check out this video from one of our most recent workshops! Find out why you too should learn the art of microblading! Do your research and find a dedicated academy near you!