The Importance of Safety and Sanitation
By Sheila Bella

Trust is often defined as consistency over time. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen without effort and open communication. As a brand, Sheila Bella has made a commitment to the safety of our clientele by implementing the highest standards of sanitation during all of our procedures. From the moment we set up our equipment to the reveal of our work, we focus on building that trust daily. In fact, we encourage questions about the process because it’s just that important to us. These details matter to us and we hope that they matter to you too!

Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part
By Sheila Bella

Learning the Art of Microblading: The Best Part

Find out why our students love our academy! Teaching the art of microblading is so rewarding and the feeling of teaching a student how to change their life is priceless. We put so much heart into our academy, we truly want to feel like our students are getting something great out of it!

Going back to school can seem boring, hard, or too time-consuming. Most people who go and get a degree never end up using it! How crazy! Well, luckily there’s a profession that doesn’t require a stressful 4 years of school, with big ol’ debt! Learning the art of microblading is life changing and microbladers all over the world are saying it is ...

How Clean Should They Be?
By Sheila Bella

There are thousands of amazing permanent makeup studios out there. They have a friendly service, great art and thousands of benefits of being their client. But is everyone clean? Not all permanent makeup studios advertise the cleanliness of their salon, or give great importance to sanitation. Not doing this doesn’t give a prospective client the idea that they are being taken care of in every way, including their health! Sanitation and sterilization is so important and it is crucial that clients know whether or not to be serviced by an unsafe studio. Here’s how to tell if the studio you attend is, in fact, sanitary:

-There is barrier everywhere! Seeing any type of barrier (whether...