How to Choose A Brow Artist
By Sheila Bella

The world of permanent makeup has grown exponentially in the last few years especially in the area of microblading. There are new artists and businesses popping up everywhere. Here a few things you should look for when looking for a permanent makeup artist.

-Always do your research, make sure they are an accredited establishment and have all the proper licenses set up. Depending on the state, every artist has to have certain accreditations so make sure that artist is up to par with their continued education, certificates and anything else required by their state.

-Check out their background and see how much experience they’ve had and where they studied their craft.

-Look at their social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Y...

Should I Get Microblading?
By Sheila Bella

Microblading is the new buzz around town! You hear people getting the procedure, left and right and you start to wonder if you should too! But how do you know if you are a good candidate? Well, luckily, it doesn’t take much to be a good microblading candidate. First off, if you’ve never had any previous brow tattoos, you’re already a step ahead. Starting with a clean canvas makes it so much easier for your artist to give you that natural “hair stroke” look. “But I already have full brows, I just want to add a little bit in some areas.” That’s fine too! Microblading doesn’t mean to make your brows more dramatic or to fully add/ change your whole look. Even people with full brows can ge...

What to Expect after Microblading
By Sheila Bella

What should you expect after getting your brows done? We get this question all the time. For many people inquiring on getting permanent makeup, the healing time is seen as the scary part. But fear not ! Since we focus more on natural styles of brows, the healing really isn’t anything to be afraid of. Some clients even prefer their brows when they are going through healing since the brows will look very fresh especially the first couple days. Remember, the healing time is only temporary. For most, it only takes two weeks. So let’s get to it !

After getting your brows done, the results look the best the first two days before the healing process begins. For those two days, make sure you do not touch your brows. We know it can ...

*Due to the popularity of our natural looking permanent makeup, our technicians are highly sought after and tend to book at least 3 to 4 weeks out on weekends. Please be patient when making an appointment.