How to Choose A Brow Artist

By Sheila Bella

The world of permanent makeup has grown exponentially in the last few years, especially in the area of microblading. There are new artists and businesses popping up everywhere. Here a few things you should look for when looking for a permanent makeup artist.

-Always do your research, make sure they are an accredited establishment and have all the proper licenses set up. Depending on the state, every artist has to have certain accreditations so make sure that artist is up to par with their continued education, certificates and anything else required by their state.

-Check out their background and see how much experience they’ve had and where they studied their craft.

-Look at their social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and their own personal website. See what others are saying. If you are not sure on who to go to, view their portfolio and check for consistency. A great artist will have various before and after photos to show their talent. Seeing constant work proves they are active in the industry and eases the public’s mind knowing they are going to someone who can deliver results at any given point. Also look for center photos that show both brows. This helps check for symmetry and ensure that the artist can deliver a set of brows that are as symmetrical as possible. An added bonus is seeing healed results after one session so you know what to expect. The more you see, the better!

-If you are able to, visit the salon before your appointment. Meeting the staff and building rapport is very helpful in deciding to go with a specific artist. If you are traveling, ask if you can speak to one of the artists over the phone, through Skype or FaceTime and develop a relationship! This will also help your future artist get to know you a little bit and know more or less what your likes and brow goals are for when you come in.

-Ask about cleanliness and sanitation. Are they using one-time use needles? Do they have the proper waste receptacles to dispose of contaminated supplies? Artists who are strict on sanitation and sterilization will ensure you know that they are clean and will do their best to prove it to their client. The more disposable tools they use, the better. Never be afraid to question an artist about their sanitation. The more you ask, the better you know they are doing whatever they can to protect themselves, their staff and most importantly, YOU.

Taking all of these tips into consideration, you’ll be able to find the right artist for you. Remember you want the top products, best art, amazing experience and qualified people to see you all the way through. This is YOUR face and you deserve the very best!