How Clean Should They Be?
By Sheila Bella

There are thousands of amazing permanent makeup studios out there. They have a friendly service, great art and thousands of benefits of being their client. But is everyone clean? Not all permanent makeup studios advertise the cleanliness of their salon, or give great importance to sanitation. Not doing this doesn’t give a prospective client the idea that they are being taken care of in every way, including their health! Sanitation and sterilization is so important and it is crucial that clients know whether or not to be serviced by an unsafe studio. Here’s how to tell if the studio you attend is, in fact, sanitary:

-There is barrier everywhere! Seeing any type of barrier (whether it is plastic bags, barrier film etc) let’s you know that the area has been pre-prepped before your session. Meaning, anything the previous client may have left behind has been cleaned. Make sure the artist always has clean barrier around anything they may touch during your session. If you are unsure, ask! Sanitary artists will gladly tell you that their station is clean and will be cleaned after your appointment.

-They open a STERILE needle in your presence! This is big! Make sure your artist opens a sterile needle in your presence every time. This will show you that no one has used that needle before you. Look for the sharps containers around the room (they are usually red boxes with warning labels on them). You will see your artist properly dispose of your used needle after your session, ensuring that no other client will use that same needle. Just how your doctor disposes of the needle after a flu shot, PMU artists should too.

-They wash their hands A LOT! If a PMU artist complains their hands are dry because of all the hand washing, stay with them! They are ensuring that even though they use gloves, they still wash their hands. Hand washing is crucial in preventing the spread of bacteria, germs, or anything a client may carry.

-Using disposable tools is a big plus! When an artist uses 100% disposable tools, it makes everything easier. Every client gets a new tissue, cotton ball, plastic bag, etc… What better reassurance than “My artist used all new tools on me”? It makes their clean up so much easier, as they don’t have to sterilize the tools. Just get new ones every time!

Sanitation and sterilization is so important, yet so overlooked! Many clients just care about the art, but that’s not all that’s important! Contracting something from an unsanitary place is awful, and you never know what else is out there. If you are unsure, ask questions to the salon. They will tell you all they do to ensure proper sanitation. Make sure the salon is up to OSHA standards as well as any other safety and health regulations from their state. There are many other ways a salon can make their facility as clean as possible, but these are just a few of the basics. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Make sure you come first 100% of the time, and that includes your health!

What we do


Sheila Bella Brand Essence Statement


“Live Life Beautiful…”


At Sheila Bella, we practice living life beautiful in all that we do.


We “live life beautiful” by…

Being a warm destination and family for our clients. Beyond our permanent makeup services and being simply a place to get these services done, we provide an oasis where our clients can always walk in and feel warmly welcomed, taken care of and be part of a family. We strive to be a permanent part of our clients’ journeys, where clients want to come back through our doors throughout their journeys.


Providing the highest level of service and skill in all that we do. We want everyone who comes through our doors to know and feel they are in the best hands, supported and cared for in every aspect. We pay close attention to what each client has to say so they are completely satisfied always.


Exhibiting integrity and honest. Integrity and honesty is at the heart of all that we do. We care deeply for our clients, staff and these principles are inherent in all that we do.


Practicing the highest measures of safety in all we do, from our tools to training for our employees.


And as an all-woman based business, we believe in supporting each other as women and we do so by having each others’ backs.


At Sheila Bella Makeup, we are guided by the following principles in our lives and our practice and we look forward to helping you live your most beautiful life:

  • Family: As we are a big family who works together, we also strive to ensure each of our clients feel like they are also a part of our family. We do this by creating a warm, welcoming environment for everyone who walks in the door.

  • Experience: We provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and skill. Our technicians are all required to complete rigorous fundamental permanent makeup training as well as participate in a large amount of testing and training before becoming a Sheila Bella certified technician.

  • Integrity: Our business is built on integrity which is inherent in all that we do. We pay close attention to our artistry and we have a Sheila Bella standard that each technician must meet.

  • Honesty: In keeping with our integrity, we exhibit honesty in all of our interactions, whether it is technician to client, or one staff member to another, no exceptions.

  • Care: We listen to all of our clients’ wants and needs and our technicians pay close attention to what each client has to say and what they want/don’t want so we can administer the best look to enable them to live their most beautiful life.

  • Safety: We practice the highest measures of safety in all that we do including use of 100% disposable tools, being completely up to date with OSHA standards and ensuring our technicians are certified in specific safety procedures for which they are also renewed every year.

  • Girl Power: As an all-woman staff, we believe in supporting each other as women and we do so by having each others’ backs. We work together in unity to create an amazing experience, environment and the highest level of service for our clients.







*Due to the popularity of our natural looking permanent makeup, our technicians are highly sought after and tend to book at least 

3 to 4 weeks out on weekends. Please be patient when making an appointment.