Hairline Microblading

By Sheila Bella

While the terms “receding hairline” or “widow’s peak” may traditionally be associated with men, the unfortunate truth is that hair loss also impacts a great number of women. In fact, a wide variety of causes, ranging from genetics to a physical display of emotional distress, can result in sparse hair framing the face. In these cases, women may avoid hairstyles that pull away from the face in order to prevent the exposure of bald spots and/or making the forehead appear larger. The options available to address these issues haven’t been great… until now! I’m excited to announce that Hairline Microblading can fill in sparse areas with hairstrokes – a natural-looking and long-lasting way to address receding hairlines. Similar to the procedure for microblading eyebrows, hairline microblading adds fullness and depth of color with fine strokes that mimic the size and direction of natural hair growth. The possibilities of elegant up-do’s and convenient ponies without being self-conscious are finally, truly an option!