Sheila Bella's Brow Transformation

By Sheila Bella

Recently, Sheila Bella herself had her very own microblading transformation--because even the industry's most elite artists are not immune to needing their brows touched-up.

Being the CEO of one of SoCal's most reviered permanent makeup salons, it is important for Sheila's brows to always look their very best. That is why she trusted her face to one of her very own master artists, Alisa Tan (IG: @alisa_sheilabellapmu). Sheila and Alisa frequently collaborate together, and this particular procedure is no different.

Just like with every client, Alisa took her time to make sure Sheila's brows were evenly shaped, and just the right fit for her face. Once they agreed on the shape and color, then they went ahead and began the procedure, which you can watch below:

Sheila Bella Gets Eyebrow Tattoo

That's right! Check out Sheila Bella's transformation! Watch what she has to say about being on the other end of the needle and what she personally thinks about Microblading. For more information, visit!