How Clean Should They Be?
By Sheila Bella

There are thousands of amazing permanent makeup studios out there. They have a friendly service, great art and thousands of benefits of being their client. But is everyone clean? Not all permanent makeup studios advertise the cleanliness of their salon, or give great importance to sanitation. Not doing this doesn’t give a prospective client the idea that they are being taken care of in every way, including their health! Sanitation and sterilization is so important and it is crucial that clients know whether or not to be serviced by an unsafe studio. Here’s how to tell if the studio you attend is, in fact, sanitary:

-There is barrier everywhere! Seeing any type of barrier (whether it is plastic bags, barrier film etc) let’s you know that the area has been pre-prepped before your session. Meaning, anything the previous client may have left behind has been cleaned. Make sure the artist always has clean barrier around anything they may touch during your session. If you are unsure, ask! Sanitary artists will gladly tell you that their station is clean and will be cleaned after your appointment.

-They open a STERILE needle in your presence! This is big! Make sure your artist opens a sterile needle in your presence every time. This will show you that no one has used that needle before you. Look for the sharps containers around the room (they are usually red boxes with warning labels on them). You will see your artist properly dispose of your used needle after your session, ensuring that no other client will use that same needle. Just how your doctor disposes of the needle after a flu shot, PMU artists should too.

-They wash their hands A LOT! If a PMU artist complains their hands are dry because of all the hand washing, stay with them! They are ensuring that even though they use gloves, they still wash their hands. Hand washing is crucial in preventing the spread of bacteria, germs, or anything a client may carry.

-Using disposable tools is a big plus! When an artist uses 100% disposable tools, it makes everything easier. Every client gets a new tissue, cotton ball, plastic bag, etc… What better reassurance than “My artist used all new tools on me”? It makes their clean up so much easier, as they don’t have to sterilize the tools. Just get new ones every time!

Sanitation and sterilization is so important, yet so overlooked! Many clients just care about the art, but that’s not all that’s important! Contracting something from an unsanitary place is awful, and you never know what else is out there. If you are unsure, ask questions to the salon. They will tell you all they do to ensure proper sanitation. Make sure the salon is up to OSHA standards as well as any other safety and health regulations from their state. There are many other ways a salon can make their facility as clean as possible, but these are just a few of the basics. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Make sure you come first 100% of the time, and that includes your health!

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About me

This is my story.

I came to this country at 8 years old and watched as my parents took our family from 10 people in a 2 bedroom apartment in a bad part of LA to a comfortable middle class lifestyle in the Valley. They did it all through strategy and grit. 
Business is in my blood. It was only a matter of time before I started my own company- Platinum Vocals Inc. a children's performing arts school that created young aspiring artists with no experience to Broadway, Disney Channel, America's Got Talent and American Idol stardom. Despite the success of this business in 2009 some major life changes occurred when I decided to get out of a bad relationship that crippled my self esteem. I divorced my first husband and needed to reinvent myself. I tried new things to get myself out of my comfort zone. I started modeling, acting, freelance makeup artistry, musical theater and my last job was waiting tables in a school girl outfit at Dillon's Irish Pub serving avocado fries. A year later fate brought me to Will,  the love of my life and after we got engaged I was ready for stability. My dreams changed. Avocado fries although delicious wasn't exactly my idea of a dream job. If I wanted kids, a house, a beach wedding and the whole enchilada I needed to get a better job, that made a lot of money, with benefits, that allowed me to make my own schedule, where all my best friends worked too so that it would be fun! 
But where in the world could I find that job? 
I wasn't qualified to apply for anything I came across and nothing met my description. So I decided this time I would become a permanent makeup brow artist. Why? Coz schooling was only 5 days and I really thought that it was something I could make "cool". I've always had a knack for makeup, so I can totally learn to tattoo it on people right!?
I became one of the first microbladers in Los Angeles. After gradutating the course it was now time to hustle to build my brand. You know how they say "Dress for the job you want not for the job you have."? That's exactly what I had to do. 
I had ZERO clients. Nobody knew my name. I remember getting dressed to the nines as if my calendar was full. My face beat was serious. I marched up and down Ventura Blvd. passing out my brochures at hair salons and medi-spas asking owners if I could leave my brochures in their waiting areas. Walking into places cold was pride swallowing. It was hard, I got turned down a lot! But I saw it as a numbers game. For every 9 people that turned me down one would agree to work with me. I was a shameless self promoter. My friends all thought I was crazy. A bunch of them said "Tattooing makeup is old fashioned. I can't imagine this ever panning out She."
But I kept going. There were a lot of ups and downs and I made a lot of mistakes before I started to figure out what worked. I didn't have a mentor but I really wish I did! I promoted everywhere I could. When the phone started ringing for appointments I pretended to be my own receptionist and answered in the most professional voice I could muster. This gave me the freedom to sell my own services as a witness and therefore gave me more credibility. I also didn't have money for a web designer, so I spent 3 weeks locked in my apartment learning coding from youtube and building my website. There wasn't a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting I didn't do a trial at and when people asked me to showcase my product I spoke with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Why? Because I had to. To me  failure just wasn't an option. After doing this imperfectly and repetitively I started getting more clients. My portfolio was getting larger and finally people started to believe in me and my art. Pretty soon I hired my first employee, then my second, then my third and so on. My friends who didn't believe in me all of a sudden we're asking if I was hiring! Yes that actually happened!
Fast forward 11,000 clients later, 25+ employees and hitting 7 figures in revenue year after year here I am. 
I transformed my beauty addiction into a real career helping people. 
I meet so many young professionals with the same dreams I used to have and I want to show them how it's possible! How they can be worthy of the same success in the beauty industry I have achieved and beyond. 
"Pretty Rich" is what I have created to meet the needs of creative beauty artists who want guidance in the area of business and marketing. 
You don't need to wait for someone to offer you your dream job, 
you can create it! 
And I can show you how.


What Our Students Have to Say

After graduating from Cosmetology School I was lost! After connecting with Sheila Bella I had a clear step by step clear action plan on how to attain clients and start my business. I am now an established hair stylist making a 6 figure salary on my way to 7. I have so much gratitude for Sheila & her Pretty Rich team for mentoring me to success!

amanda K.
riverside, CA

They don't teach you marketing & business savvy in beauty school. How would I have ever known this without Sheila! I feel so smart for making the decision to invest in myself and take her Pretty Rich course! Thank you thank you thank you Sheila! You are such an inspiration!

kelly h.
las Vegas, NV

I am booked months out thanks to all of Sheila's mentoring and business brains. Taking her course gave me a leg up amongst my classmates. It is everything else you need to know beyond the technique of doing hair and makeup!

lana l.
los Angeles, CA

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